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Social page authority checker

Enter multiple URLs to analyze the interactions / popularity across Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. The calculated social page authority score is based on the number of social interactions found for a specific URL.  

Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook 

This service uses Yahoo and other tools to come up with suggestions using meta-data to make documents easier to find. 

YahooSearchMarketing, YahooRelatedQuery 
Analytics Portfolio

Web analytics, social interactions and SEO reports for all your sites in one place. Compare and analyze portfolios of web sites. Group them any way you like and view totals and averages. 

SEOmoz, RoboWhois, Postmark, GooglePageSpeedOnline, GoogleChart, GoogleAnalytics 
Article Optimizer

A content analysis tool that shows you your keyword density, makes recommendations on new trending keywords to use, and offers up copyright-free images for use in your content.  

SendGrid, MailChimp, Flickr, AlchemyAPITextCategorization 
Domain Info Script

Learn a lot about your web site with this mashup. Check the incoming links, the directories a domain is in, its PageRank, and more with this domain-info script. 

YahooSiteExplorer, Yahoo, Google,, MicrosoftBing 
Domains by Topic via

Interesting mashup uses the top 50,000 sites as determined by Alexa and tags to organize domains by topic. It can be used to find high quality links in the topic area of your choice that is both topically related and likely to be high-powered., AlexaTopSites 

Domlia combines smart algorithms and web services and enables it's users to analyze their websites and domains just in time. 

GoogleAJAXLanguage, DomainTools, Domain, DNSimple, DNSTools 
EGO size

Automatic tool which generates reports of any website with suggested actions for site improvement.  

Google Hot Trends + Twitter + Google Maps

Google Maps Mashup of Twitter Searches which contain keyword from Google Hot Trends. 

Twittervision, Twitter, GoogleMaps 
IP Location Lookup

Shows the graphical location of an IP address mashed together with Google Maps and MaxMind's IP location database. 


A site that automatically suggests descriptive keywords for websites. 

YahooTerms, GoogleAjaxSearch 
Marketing Intelligence Console

Online Marketing Mnagement Suite, add your site and a few competitors, Mic collects relevant data, backlinks, pageranks, etc and makes recommendations on how you can improve your site to compete with your chosen competition.  

YahooSearchMarketing, Yahoo, Twitter, Google, GoogleAdWords, GoogleAdSense, Digg, CrunchBase 

Etsy Shop SEO Tool. Analyzes a seller's shop data, together with data from competitors in the same niche. Performs keyword research and suggests changes to improve the shop's SEO and competitivity. 

WordstreamKeywordTool, Etsy 

Open Source Tracking and Analytics Software for online marketers. Enables users to track the keywords and placements generating calls to your call center. Using the new Twilio Client, we can now track exactly which keywords and channels are converting into calls and help you optimize your ad spend. 


RealWebStats is the best Real Web Stats and Website Valuation service for webmasters and website owners. 

Whois, SEOmoz 

ResultFirst, An eminent provider of digital marketing services specializes in search engine optimization. In addition to providing corporate SEO services for large organizations and online entities, The San Jose based company also offers Pay for Performance and fixed SEO programs for small to mid-sized businesses.seo 

SEO Related Answers

A mashup between Yahoo Answers and the Blogger API. Contents are retrieved on the fly from Yahoo Answers and auto-posted to Blogger. 

YahooAnswers, Blogger 
SEO Site Comparison

Compare your site's SEO factors to the competition to see where you need to improve. 

YahooSiteExplorer, SEOmoz, Google, GoogleChart, Compete, AlexaWebInfo, AlchemyAPIKeywordandTermExtracti 

Enter your words. The most popular in Twitter will win. Twitwinner compares your words based on live data and shows the results in a visual way. 


WooRank analyses any submitted website for conformance to SEO best practices and shows how it ranks against the competition by giving it a grade. It instantly provides advice on how to fix critical issues that could impact web traffic. 

YahooGeocode, Whois, W3Counter, Thumbalizr, GoogleTranslate, GoogleSites, GoogleMaps, Compete, AlexaWebInfo 


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