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Inflo collects your day-to-day information streams like email, ap... 

Yahoo, YahooBBauth, Twitter, GoogleTalk, GoogleSpreadsheets, GoogleSSO, GoogleDocsList, GoogleCalendar, EBay
Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 1222 

Indexes many Web 2.0 sites like Digg, Stumble, delicious, etc. an... 

Twitter, Tailrank, Digg,
Rating: 4.0 
Visits: 782 

A feeds aggregator organized by topic where posts are auto-tagged... 

Twitter, GoogleTalk, GoogleAJAXLibraries, Calais
Rating: 4.5 
Visits: 458 
Gajeebo Search Aggregation Engine

Gajeebo is a search aggregation engine. It retrieves and aggregat... 

YouTube, Yahoo, Spock, LastFM, InternetVideoArchive
Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 458 

A mashup of tags with a Yahoo Pipe containing aggreg... 

Yahoo, Technorati, Google,
Rating: 4.8 
Visits: 420 

Friendbinder brings together your friends from different social n... 

YouTube, Twitter, LastFM, Flickr, Facebook, Digg,
Rating: + 
Visits: 305 
GLive Blog Reader

Mashing up the Google Feed API and Windows Live Search for isfeed... 

MicrosoftBing, GoogleAjaxFeeds
Rating: 3.5 
Visits: 286 
Lowlands Mashup

Mashing all kinds of data sources together to create a new site w... 

YouTube, Vimeo, Ustream.TV, Twitter, TwitPic, Technorati, Mobypicture, Google, GooglePicasa, GoogleMapsData, GoogleMaps, GoogleChart, GoogleAJAXLibraries, Flickr
Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 267 
Agnostic Platform Aggregator

A localized community-focused aggregator of news, tweets, images,... 

Twitter, PostRankDataMining,
Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 267 

Aggregating news into categorized topics from online sources. Fea... 

ReutersSpotlight, GoogleAdSense
Rating: 4.4 
Visits: 248 

Clipegg aggregates links to popular media published on social med... 

YouTube, Digg
Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 229 

idlasso is designed to bring all your web identities into one pla... 

Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 210 
Original Signal aggregates the 15 most popular web 2.0 weblogs ... 

Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 190 

News stories for everything from the latest current business news... 

YahooTerms, Google, GoogleHomepage, GoogleAppEngine, GoogleAjaxSearch, GoogleAJAXLibraries, GoogleAJAXLanguage, GoogleAjaxFeeds, GoogleAdWords, GoogleAdSense, Flickr, Facebook, AmazonSimpleDB, AmazonS3, AmazonQueue, AmazonEC2, aideRSS
Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 190 

News from around the Web that provides related stories, videos, t... 

YouTube, Twitter, Pikeo, Ipernity, Flickr
Rating: 3.7 
Visits: 171 
Poke The Habit

The online network for Sustainable Action. Combines multiple soci... 

WindowsLiveIDWebAuthentication, JanrainEngage, Google, GoogleOpenID, GoogleClientAuth, GoogleBase, GoogleAjaxSearch, Facebook, Disqus, Calais
Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 171 
Digg Arkayne

Interface with Digg API and RSS feeds to get lists of daily top p... 

Digg, Arkayne
Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 133 

Search thousands of affiliate offers across 60+ different network... 

Zemanta, Zanox, YahooTerms, Heroku, GoogleAJAXLibraries, CommissionJunction
Rating: 4.0 
Visits: 133

Are you the type of person who likes to be organized? Have you e... 

Twitter, JanrainEngage, LOCSRW, FriendFeed, Facebook,, AmazonS3
Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 115 

metaskim is a news aggregator that keeps you updated on local and... 

GoogleMaps, Digg,, DealMagic, GoogleMapsData, Imgur, Netflix, NewYorkTimesNewswire, Reddit, SimplyHiredJobs
Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 95 


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