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If it is 1 click 2 your destiny, will you face your fate? With you get access to hundreds of top-rated links that were suggested and voted for by thousands of active online users. Uses the Digg API. 

Adactio Elsewhere

Jeremy Keith combines a variety of personal information from across the web in one place via Ajax scripting and the APIs from, Flickr, Amazon, and 

AmazonProductAdvertising,, Flickr, Upcoming 
Adding Tags to MyBlogLog

Here is a fun little hack with MyBlogLog, the addition of tags. You will be able to tag your visitors and immediately see what you and others have had to say. When your readers click a tag they will see instant inline search results for users. 

Indexes many Web 2.0 sites like Digg, Stumble, delicious, etc. and displays the top 10 links that overlap, providing an instant zeitgeist of super popular links. 

Twitter, Tailrank, Digg, 
Amazon Light

Alternative interface to Amazon. Primarily via Amazon AWS, also incorporates, GMail, DropCash, Blogger and a library lookup. 

amazon on bookmarks

Bookmark products on Amazon and get notification when prices change. 


Astronomy and space focused mashup of Google video feeds (YouTube), links, Digg stories and global news. 

Google, GoogleMashupEditor, GoogleCustomSearch, GoogleAjaxSearch, GoogleAjaxFeeds, GoogleAdWords, GoogleAdSense, FeedBurner, Digg, 

BackLinkr lets you easily show who is linking to your site. 

Backtags Social Ranking provides a social popularity ranking based on bookmarks from a range of leading social bookmarking sites. 

YahooMyWeb, Shadows, Digg,, Bloglines 
BDindory: Bluedot plus Findory

Takes your 25 most frequently used tags from Bluedot, and shows you related blog articles, as provided by Findory. Firefox only. 

Findory, BlueDot 
Blog Ranking

A ranking system for blogs. View the top 100 Indonesian blogs. 

Twitter, Technorati, Google, FeedBurner,, BackTweets, AlexaWebInfo, YahooSiteExplorer 

The blueorganizer is the smart browser extension for Firefox. With this organizer the web turns into everyday objects like books, cars, restaurants and movies. Collect things with 1 click, find new information and share what you find with your friends. 

YouTube, YahooShopping, YahooMaps, Technorati, LastFM, Google, GoogleMaps, Flickr, EBay,, CafePress, AmazonS3, AmazonProductAdvertising 

The bookmaplet is a bookmarklet that can be used by highlighting a street address on a site and then clicking it. The location of the street address will be shown in a small overlay in the top-right corner. 

GoogleMaps, GoogleAppEngine 
Bookmark Cleaner

Bookmark Cleaner helps you keep you or bookmarks clean. It allows searches: A malware and phishing site search A search for cleaning bookmarks with a particular tag and a search for links that no longer exist, aka 404 not found. 

GoogleSafeBrowsing,, Ma.gnolia 
Bookmarks inSuggest

Personal recommendations for users of bookmark services. Enter your username, and get recommendations based on like-minded people. 

An aggregation of web content and virtual marketplaces using RSS and multiple APIs. We just passed 800,000,000 listings. 

YouTube, YahooVideo, YahooShopping, WindowsLiveExpo, Technorati, Syndic8, GoogleBase, EBay,, CommissionJunction, CafePress, AmazonProductAdvertising 

The BricaBox Platform is a hosted community CMS, collaboration, wiki designed for social content applications. 

Technorati, GoogleMaps, Compete 
Browse, Search, and View Delicious Bookmarks

The mashup provides a way of searching for delicious bookmarks by keyword and/or username and viewing bookmarked pages without leaving the site. It also presents with popular bookmarks view as a homepage. 
Buddy Stalker

Aa example application built using AOL tools that allows you to browse a friends feeds. AIM ID required. 


A mashup of Flickr, and Google Maps allowing people to shoot, tag, geotag and publish pictures from their mobile phone. Note that page is slow load. 

GoogleMaps, Flickr, 


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