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Music Shuffle

Discover related artists based on a particular artist you enjoy, sort of a quick ""Pandora"" style suggestion. The key aspect is that it's universally accessible by SMS. 

Added: 2011-11-18
People and Business Locator using ZoomInfo API

People and business locator using the ZoomInfo API. 

Added: 2011-10-10
Quick SMS Nutrition Information

"Text (415) 729-3599 with any food or beverage and it will tell you important nutrition facts in seconds. This application uses the awesome DailyBurn service to look up over 400,000 popular meals. Give it a try!" 

Added: 2011-08-22
TwilioSMS, Twilio 

BOL is a Google Chrome Extension that allows you to talk with other visitors to sites that you like to visit. When you visit a site that you would like to talk to about, simply click the microphone icon next to the address bar and click �Discuss�. Allow permissions to access speakers and talk away. 

Added: 2011-08-18

A web-based zero platform call center service that runs "in the cloud". Anyone can create and serve a call center from an internet-connected browser. 

Added: 2011-08-15

Take a photo with your camera phone and send it via MMS using Snappr. Your image will appear on TwitPic and be posted on Twitter automatically. No 3G or internet connection is required. 

Added: 2011-08-10
Twitter, TwitPic, ClockworkSMS 
Hello Vaccine

Hello Vaccine is a SMS Reminder service that notifies parents about vaccination dates for their children. 

Added: 2011-08-07

View and comment on Portland Oregon city council agenda. 

Added: 2011-08-04

Making the act of planning easier. Uses a combination of email and SMS to communicate around a particular event.  

Added: 2011-08-02
Twilio, SimpleGeoPlaces, SimpleGeo, SendGrid 
Got Lyrics?

Got Lyrics? shows which lyrics are available at musiXmatch for any given artist. 

Added: 2011-06-30

DimePickers is a social sports picks competition that allows visitors to select game winners using current spreads. The FanFeedr API provides score outcomes to determine contest winners.  

Added: 2011-06-29

FairSpin collects all the latest news and opinion from across the web and uses community votes to organize results from left (liberal) to right (conservative). Get a full picture of today's news.  

Added: 2011-06-26
Kaiten Browser

Kaiten is an open-source jQuery plug-in that allows you to browse through several apps in a single continuous space. Uses Wikipedia, Crunchbase, Twitter and Discogs API's. Video of the demo: Download Kaiten: About Kaiten: 

Added: 2011-06-25
Wikipedia, Twitter, Discogs, CrunchBase 

Image galleries built around currently trending phrases on Twitter using Flickr photo search. 

Added: 2011-06-24
Twitter, Flickr 
Federal Loan Today

Federal loans, state loans and grant resource. Users can click on an interactive map to view the loans and grants available in different states. 

Added: 2011-06-22
Toronto Trending

A Google Maps, Foursquare and Twitter search API mashup that allows lovers of Toronto to tweet their favorite location or thing to do in Toronto. The application captures real time tweets or tweets that include references to a database of "Toronto-centric" locales. Real-time foursquare checkins are used to map where hotspots are at any given time. 

Added: 2011-06-10
Twitter, GoogleMaps, Foursquare 

A better Facebook photo viewer. No clicks, no albums, no distractions - just your entire network's photo history in one perfect feed. 

Added: 2011-06-08
Map for Google Places

Google Places on the map. See the same area in Foursquare and Facebook Places 

Added: 2011-06-06
I Am A Footy Fan

I Am A Footy Fan uses the FanFeedr API to provide news on teams and competitions on its website and managed Facebook pages. By using FanFeedr's API to select the most relevant content sources, I Am A Footy Fan provides a breadth of coverage that can't be found anywhere else.  

Added: 2011-05-30
Places from Facebook

This mashup lets you search places, copy locations to mobile, checkin anywhere and create mobile web pages for checkins. 

Added: 2011-05-25
GoogleMaps, Facebook 


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