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Latitude Longitude Functions

Page contains sample code for querying the methods for great circle distance and zip code distance. 


Provides support for pushing the data from the server to QED applications via the Bayeux protocol. 

LinkedIn API PHP Class Part 1: Getting Started Tutorial

This is a basic getting started tutorial for PHP (in Dutch, but soon to be translated). The PHP Class documentation is in English. 

Making your first shopping cart REST call

Tutorial for Payvment API with sample PHP code. 

MKAbeFook: Cocoa library for Facebook

MKAbeFook for Facebook. Uses the WebKit browser with asynchronous requests, photo uploads, and much more. It can call any API method and returns the result in standard Cocoa types. It is distributed under a BSD style license.  


PERL CPAN module for accessing the Fonolo developer API. 


A sample NOAA map gadget for OpenAjax. 

Objective-C Wrapper for Flickr API

ObjectiveFlickr is a Flickr API framework written in Objective-C. It aims to simplify the work needed for creating a Flickr desktop application on OS X. 

Official Facebook PHP Client Library

The official PHP client library for Facebook which includes support for PHP4 and PHP5.  

OneSearchAway HowTo

Description of how to use OneSearchAway's social search API. 

Open API Service Documentation

Tutorials and API specifications for the Open API Service. 

Performing automated language translations with Flex and Google

This free tutorial steps you through the process of performing language translations with Adobe Flex and the Google Language service. 

Perl Interface to Google Static Maps API

Geo::Google::StaticMaps, which basically just transforms a map definition given as a bunch of nested hashes and arrays into a Static Maps API URL. It ought to support everything that the Static Maps API itself currently supports. 

Perl Script for the Technorati API

A simple perl script to interrogate the Technorati API. Outputs blog title and url, followed by the inbound blogs (authority) count, the inbound links count, and the Technorati rank. Can be easily fed to Excel. 

PHP and jQuery for Twitter API

Tutorial shows how you can use jQuery, PHP and a little Ajax to connect up to the Twitter API and return results. 

PHP Library for Facebook

PHP 5 client library for the Facebook API. Wraps the core functions of the Facebook Platform. 

PHP Ultimate eBay Store

A small commercial PHP library for creating an eBay storefront. 

PHP Wrapper for Photobucket API

Implements the request format as shown in the examples. This is 'fluent' syntax and provides a very readable structure. 

PHP-library for Whoozy API

PHP-library for Whoozy API 

Postcode Anywhere International Tutorials

Validate an address using the Postcode Anywhere API 



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