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VBA code

Sample VBA code for working with the Wordnik API in your VBA programs. 

VBA code

Various methods for consuming the World Bank API in VBA. 

VBA library

Sample VBA code for looking up loan and grant programs using's API. 

Vladimir Python Wrapper

Python API for Amazon Simple Email Service 

web-map builder

Web-map builder designs your map, as you want it, then prepares and writes the web page for you. When you’ve finished adding markers and routes, just collect the final script and copy it into your web site editor for an instant customised web map. 

WhereIsNow WSCL

The WhereIsNow™ Web Service Client Library project is a java library used to query the WhereIsNow™ Web Services. You can freely embed it in your code to easily develop new clients and integrate the WhereIsNow™ features in your own applications. 

Why the Yahoo! Maps API is Better Than Brand X Maps API

Jeffrey McManus from Yahoo! compares their 2.0 API against Google's. 


A DLL client of the WhereIsNow™ WebService. The DLL has been developed in C++ and works through the open source framework gSoap 2.7. You can embed WINLibrary.Now in your applications in order to use the WhereIsNow™ service. 

Writing a Mobility Mashup using Ringful API

This article walks through an end to end example describing how to create a mobility mashup with Ringful API and Google App Engine. 

Writing a Simple Web Service with Merb

Example of using Merb to create an email application using the MailChimp API. By Mandarin Soda. 

Yahoo Maps Application Gallery

Yahoo!'s collection of sample Maps mashups. 


A sample Yahoo Valendar gadget for OpenAjax. 

Yelp API for the iPhone

Want to integrate the Yelp API in your iPhone App? This is a great place to get the source code you need 

YouTube API How To Guide

Basic overview of the YouTube API and available language wrappers. Includes a Ruby snippet. 



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