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0Boxer is an email plugin for Gmail. Makes a game out of your email and rewards you for reaching and maintaining inbox zero. 

Analytics Edge Connector for Constant Contact

Constant Contact data from inside Microsoft Excel. Supports the full suite of API commands, including the bulk export functions. 

Analytics Edge Connector for MailChimp

Makes it easy to automate downloads and updates directly to your MailChimp account from inside Microsoft Excel. You get access to the full suite of over 100 API commands, including the bulk Export API for fast downloads of large lists, campaign subscriber activity and ecommerce orders. 

AOL Mail on Netvibes

AOL Mail Widget for Netvibes lets you check your mail on Netvibes. 

AOLOpenMail, AOLOpenAuth, Netvibes 
AOLMail for Facebook

AOLMail lets you check on your new AOL mails from within Facebook. 

AOLOpenMail, AOLOpenAuth, Facebook 

Aumio sends scheduled alerts to friends and coworkers by e-mail, text, and phone 


AwayFind is a powerful web application that finds your most important emails. When you receive an urgent message, AwayFind will notify you with a call, SMS, IM, DM (Twitter), or delegate the message to someone you specify. 

Twitter, Tropo 
Bad News Robot

Call someone to tell them bad news without having to do it yourself. 


Bookr is a tool to create photobooks using Flickr images. Photobooks may be e-mailed or embedded in blogs. 

Flickr for Outlook

This plugin allows users to send files using, rather than attachments, in their Outlook client. 

Cloud-Based Mail-Merge with BatchBook and Drawloop

100% Cloud-based mail-merge using data from BatchBook and Drawloop's SaaS mail-merge solution. 

Drawloop, BatchBook 
CollabSpot Insights: Highrise for Gmail

Integrates Highrise and Gmail. View contextual Highrise information alongside emails in Gmail and create contacts, deals, tasks... 

Context.IO/Highrise Integration

Daily communication with clients happens mainly by email. Email clients don�t do a good job at displaying a summary of information about contacts - CRM apps are much better at it. Getting emails into a CRM means adding an obscure address as BCC for every email address you send and forwarding incoming emails to that same address. That�s just bad. What if emails and attachments magically appeared within the CRM? Our integration achieves this.  

Highrise, ContextIO 

Cronote lets you send email and SMS messages into the future, using the Twilio and Twilio SMS APIs. 

TwilioSMS, Twilio 
Desktop email clients for

This mashup allows users to send files using Outlook, Thunderbird, and Mac Mail from within the environment. 


Designed to make email marketing easier. Send an email newsletter, an email promotion, an email event invitation, or build your email lists. 

GoogleWebmasterTools, GoogleSpreadsheets, GoogleDocsList, GoogleAJAXLibraries 

EmailAmbush is a new kind of security tool designed to warn and protect you from hackers breaking into your inbox. If one is detected, it uses Twilio's SMS API to instantly send you a notice on your cell phone, allowing you log in, change your password, and boot the hacker out. 

TwilioSMS, Twilio 
Enthusem and

Enthusem is a service that allows users to send physical greeting cards online. Through its integration with, users can send cards containing content from their files. 

Enthusem, Box 

Tell feedrevolution about what artists you like, and it will tell you when your artists releases new material. Feedrevolution will feed you news about your artists via RSS, Email or Web updates. Artist library can be synched with accounts. 

LastFM, AmazonS3 
Flickr Image Mail

Search for images by interestingness, tags, userid etc. Select your favorite images and send as image mail. 



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