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Presidential Election News by Phone

View the latest on the 2008 US elections 2008 by SMS and WAP. Via 411sync API. Use the keyword elections2008. 

Protests in Burma Map

A map of all of the economic protests in Myanmar, aka Burma. 

Proud Democrat iPhone app

All-in-one liberal iPhone app. 
Proud Republican iPhone app

All-in-one political app for conservatives. 
Red vs Blue Media

Choose your news stories based on your political preferences. Newspaper articles will appear spread on the US map in red or blue. 

Redistricting The Nation

The redistricting following the 2010 Census is an opportunity to change how the redistricting process is conducted. With knowledge and the right tools, the public can redraw the map on redistricting. 


Regime, Congress Analyzed. This is a tool for evaluating sets within the U.S Congress and then drilling down into comprehensive detail about each individual member of the Senate and House. 

SunlightLabsCongress, OpenSecrets, NewYorkTimesCongress, NewYorkTimesArticleSearch 

A New York Times-built mashup that tracks the activity of elected officials in New York City. Uses the NYTimes Congress API. 

NewYorkTimesCongress, GoogleMaps 
Roll Call Map

The SVG map shows roll-call votes by U.S Congressional district. The map displays yes in green and no in red by leveraging the New York Times Congress API. 

Russia public government procurement

Racoon The Searcher is search and subscription system that collects information about all government procurement in Russia. In Russian. 

Social Interest

Social Interest is a system for connecting families with a range of publicly funded health and human service programs in California. Communities can use it to screen people for programs such as Medi-Cal, Healthy Families, local health insurance programs. 

USPSTrackConfirm, GoogleMaps 
Social Security Offices

Enter your zip code to find Social Security offices nearest you. 

Solar Boston

Solar Boston program, a two-year, $550,000 initiative to increase the amount of solar energy in the city from one-half megawatt today to twenty-five megawatts by 2015. Interactive Flash-based map showing the projects. 

SOPA and PIPA Standings

Provides information on where Congress members stand for SOPA and PIPA. The mashup accounts for two factors: whether the congress member sponsors the bill and their past voting history on the bill's precursors.  

OpenSecrets, OpenCongress, NewYorkTimesCongress, LibraryofCongressPrintsPhotograp, 

Opens up the conversation between you and your representative in Congress by posting your voice message on our website for anyone to listen to and comment on.  

This We Know

This We Know lets you get local and explore government data about your community. Enter your city or zip code and get a list of facts. Click an individual item and be taken to a breakdown of the data. Finalist in Apps for America 2 contest., GeoNames 
Top Secret America

This Washington Post mapping mashup displays the rise of domestic counter-terrorism organizations in america.  


Synthesizes the complex SunLight Labs Transparency Data API into a manageable query tool. 

Tree by Tree Events

A map showing tree planting events for Tree by Tree, The Mile High Million. This is a regional tree planting program as part of the City and County of Denver Greenprint Denver initiative to combat global warming. 


A grassroots effort to engage Congress on Twitter. Users can find their reps, see who is tweeting, and lobby them to join the Twitterverse. 

Twitter, SunlightLabsCongress 


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