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Netherlands CitySDK

All 9,866,539 buildings in the Netherlands, shaded according to year of construction. Data from BAG, via CitySDK. Map made with TileMill by Bert Spaan, Waag Society, inspired by BKLYNR.  


How many nuclear weapons are in range of your home city? A simple awareness tool based on data from The Guardian. 

GoogleMaps, GoogleAJAXLibraries 

OptiRoute allows you to provide a set of points via a GeoRSS feed which are then displayed in the optimal order to visit those points. GeoRSS is used to collect points from Bing Maps collections and Google Maps my maps. 

Park in Toronto

Park in Toronto is a simple web application that crunches parking ticket data to display visual representations demonstrating when parking tickets are issued within the city. This information can be used to determine the probability of getting a parking ticket at a given time and place.  


Travel search mashup portal that lets users track all the information about their favorite places. Also uses World66 open guide book and CIA Factbook maps. More on the way.  

Yahoo, WorldTimeEngine, Wikipedia, WeatherChannel, Upcoming, Kayak, Google, GoogleMaps, GeoNames, Flickr, Facebook, Yelp, YouTube 
Police Blotter

Extracts a daily spreadsheet generated by a cities police department into an interactive map and analysis system. This is the Nashville, TN version. 

MicrosoftBingMaps, GoogleMaps, GoogleChart 
QuickBlox MapChat Widget

QuickBlox MapChat is a simple plugin for WordPress, that adds a MapChat (chat integrated with map) widget to your website. You can chat over a map or in chat room. 

WordPressorg, QuickBlox, GoogleMaps 
Rate Tour Guides

Rate Tour Guides is a fun way to discover locations around the World in a 1st person view. 

GoogleMashupEditor, GoogleMapsFlash, GoogleMapsElevation, GoogleMapsData, GoogleMaps 
Search and Map Wiki

This mashup is a Geo-wiki which helps you to map wikipedia. 

GoogleMaps, GeoNames 

Discover Tweets, Discover Photos. World-Wide. In Real-Time. Shmapr is a social discovery tool for finding new people to follow on Twitter or Instagram. It shows you the Top 10 Trending Topics on Twitter and Instagram's most popular hashtagged photos as they are posted. Tweets are displayed on the ticker sidebar and where they originated from is shown on the map. With a swipe, you can easily reply to a trending topic tweet or post about the trending topic yourself. Like tweets, Instagram photos are also shown in the ticker sidebar and the origin is plotted on the map as well. With the very intuitive interface, it's easy to comment on a photo or mark it as your favorite. Watch the demo here:  

Twitter, InstagramRealtime, Instagram 
Streetview and Swiss Maps

Streetview and Swiss Maps is a google street view/aerial view combiner.  

The Wilderness Downtown

This is an interactive music video for the indie rock group Arcade Fire. It places users in the video by using the google maps api to simulate the neighborhood they grew up in. An animated runner is rendered using html5 over streetview and air photo maps. 

Togfrog Adventure Travel Videos

Togfrog is videos with maps covering a wide selection of adventure travel activities that can inspire and guide travelers going on adventures all over the world. 

YouTube, GoogleMaps 

Google Maps mashup of community submitted hotel prices. 


Free Website to create thematic maps on GoogleMaps 

GoogleMapsFlash, GoogleMapsData 
youbeQ - Maps with Life

What's going on around you? Points of interest, businesses, news and events. Explore the Earth, meet new people, discover new places and share. 

GoogleStreetViewImage, GoogleStaticMaps, GoogleMaps, GoogleGeocoding, GoogleEarth 
Zombie Strategies

Tracks locations of survival supplies in case of a zombie outbreak. 


Zyp is a powerful, unobtrusive widget for Google Maps that provides zip code search, GeoPlanet queries and reverse geocoding, along with BirdsEye and Google Street views. 

YahooInternetLocationPlatform, MicrosoftBingMaps, GoogleMaps 


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