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Social page authority checker

Enter multiple URLs to analyze the interactions / popularity across Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. The calculated social page authority score is based on the number of social interactions found for a specific URL.  

Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook 
Advertisement Tool - AdverTool

Centralized environment to efficiently manage your online advertisement campaigns no matter which network you are using for your messages. Open source. 

YahooSearchMarketing, Twitter, MicrosoftAdCenter, GoogleAdWords, Facebook 

AIMcrm offers a combination of web analytics, sales force automation and customer relationship management software in a single app. Added telephony integration that allows new leads to be marketed to proactively and tracked accurately using the Twilio API. 

TwilioSMS, Twilio 

CallRail makes it easy to track which marketing sources make your phone ring. You can track phone numbers instantly and get reports in realtime. 

Twilio, Heroku 

Designed to make email marketing easier. Send an email newsletter, an email promotion, an email event invitation, or build your email lists. 

GoogleWebmasterTools, GoogleSpreadsheets, GoogleDocsList, GoogleAJAXLibraries 

General web directory of websites sorted by topic and listed in categories. Offers marketing opportunities to businesses and websites. 


Provides small businesses an interface to enter polling questions, possible answers and tabulates the responses to provide valuable information to the merchant. Formerly called Voicify. 


Example of the Jaduka Web-initiated calling and voice recording services as applied to interactive marketing. 


Joomailer is a complete newsletter solution for the CMS Joomla!. There are 2 versions: one that works with Mailchimp and the other with Campaign Monitor. The Mailchimp Version is also mashed up with the Google Analytics API to provide detailed reports. 

MailChimp, GoogleAnalytics, CampaignMonitor 

A site that automatically suggests descriptive keywords for websites. 

YahooTerms, GoogleAjaxSearch 
MailChimp Eventbrite Integration

Integration allows MailChimp users to import Eventbrite events and send invitations 

MailChimp, Eventbrite 
Mailmaps Email Marketing

Mailmaps offers inexpensive marketing with email as well as bulk e-mail alternatives with regard to modest as well as large corporations. Marketing via email would be the excellent alternative with regard to company owners aiming to send email promotions as well as outre spenders to their prospects, contact lenses as well as customers. 

BusinessProfiles, BusinessAlerts 
Marketing Intelligence Console

Online Marketing Mnagement Suite, add your site and a few competitors, Mic collects relevant data, backlinks, pageranks, etc and makes recommendations on how you can improve your site to compete with your chosen competition.  

YahooSearchMarketing, Yahoo, Twitter, Google, GoogleAdWords, GoogleAdSense, Digg, CrunchBase 

Promote your Twitter account with milliontweetpixels. Add your Twitter picture, Twitter infos and Twitter account page to milliontweetpixels wall. 


A dashboard for online marketing for small to medium sized businesses. Connects with Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Facebook so that advertisers can manage their online advertising from 1 account. 

YahooSearchMarketing, PayPal, MicrosoftAdCenter, GoogleAdWords, Facebook 
Prospella Maps

Visual mapping and prospecting for over 10 million US businesses. 

YahooGeocode, GoogleMaps, GlobeXplorer 
Salesforce Customer Reference

Within, this Serena Business Mashup manages the process of approving customer reference stories, as well as requests to use customers as a reference for sales opportunities and speaking engagements.  


Easy WordPress based system that allows you to manage SMS campaigns for yourself or on behalf of your clients. You can also allow clients to send their own messages via the accompanying SMS Butler plugin. 

WordPresscom, TwilioSMS, Twilio 
Spam Check: Salesforce plus Akismet

Allows users evaluate incoming data for spam. It contains built-in support for incoming Web-to-Lead and Web-to-Case data and also contains global Apex methods that allow developers to incorporate Spam checks in their applications. 

Salesforce, Akismet is a global program designed to help accelerate the success of early stage startups. Integrates APIs from Alexa and Compete. 

Compete, Alexa, AlexaWebInfo 


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