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140dev Twitter Framework

The 140dev Twitter Framework is a free source code library containing a Twitter database server for gathering tweets for selected keywords, as well as a display plugin that lets you show tweets from the database in a single line of PHP code. 

arc90 PHP Twitter API Client

A PHP wrapper around the Twitter API. 

AS3 Pownce Flash Wrapper

An ActionScript 3 library for Pownce. With a complete v2 implementation. 

Building an Application with the Twitter API

In this article, we look at a short Python script that tweets when the Dow Jones Industrial Average, or any stock or index you like, makes a big jump.  

Create a Twitter Mood Graph With Ruby

Shows how to talk to the Twitter search API directly then produce a chart of our findings using the Google Chart API. Lets you search for posts Twitter considers to have �positive� or �negative� attitudes, then draw a chart of our findings. 

Getting Started With the FriendFeed API and PHP

Short overview and example of using PHP with the FriendFeed API. 

Java FriendFeed Wrapper

A Java wrapper around the FriendFeed API. Download the file to obtain it. 

Java RESTful Web Services With Jersey and Twitter

Jersey is an open-source reference implementation of JAX-RS, the Java API for RESTful Web Services, JSR-311. In this tip, you will learn how to use the Jersey API to consume HTTP-based RESTful web services from Twitter. 

JavaPownce Java Library for Pownce

A Java class for integration. Well documented Java wrapper. 

php Tumblr

A PHP class for easily interact with the Tumblr API. 

Python Twitter

This library provides a pure python interface for the Twitter API. From DeWitt Clinton.  

Scripting Twitter with Perl

Twitter direct message with Perl and LWP (libwww-perl), for a much more convenient solution. I designed it to be used like a sort of universal paging service. 

Twitter Scala Experiments

Experiments with such things as Scala, the scala.swing package, and the Twitter API. At GitHub. 


Java wrapper for the Twitter API. 

Twitter4R - Ruby Twitter Binding

Twitter4R v0.2.0 now provides 100% Twitter REST API coverage for Ruby. This is the open source project providing Ruby bindings for the Twitter REST API. Most appropriate for pure Ruby and Ruby on Rails projects. 

Update Twitter and FriendFeed from the Linux Command Line

This article uses GNU Wget and cURL to send status updates to the social networking site Twitter without the use of a Twitter desktop application, and how to follow feeds from both Twitter and FriendFeed right from the command line. 

Twitter, FriendFeed 


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