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Mashup of Pandora, Twitter, and Allowing users to easily tweet their Pandora music, include a url to the song, and see what other users have tweeted about their artists and songs. 

Echoes - Kazulo

Echoes is a "Real-time topic mashup homepage". Our objective is to automate the generation of useful and relevant homepages for any topic search. The homepages are built using several different APIs, semantic web resources, and user-generated-co 

YouTube, Yahoo, YahooImages, Twitter, LastFM, GoogleMaps, GoogleAnalytics, AmazonProductAdvertising 

ePassport is numeric passport generated with results from Google search, Ziki, Google images, Twitter, and Flickr. 

Twitter, Google, Flickr 
Escape My Date

Makes it easy for people on dates to crowdsource getting out of awkward social situations. Sending a DM to @EscapeMyDate initiates the call for help. Winner of most votes for Women 2.0 Startup Weekend SF 2009. 

Twitter, Twilio - You Own Your Social Network

eShiok iBook Social Network is a mixture of guestbook, shoutbox and comment system. Provides Blogger widget, Wordpress plugin, CMS (Joomla) module for quick integration to your website or personal blog. 

Twitter, GoogleAJAXLanguage 

Feedera is a personalized Twitter digest of the best content shared among your friends, delivered to your inbox every morning. 

Twitter, Facebook, Digg,, 

Schedule your FriendFeed posts and send them automatically when you want. You don't have to be online to post to FriendFeed. ffScheduler does it for you. No need to sign up. Login with FriendFeed account below and schedule your posts to the future. 


Microblogging with a twist. Instead of typing text, just fill in a couple of blanks. integrates with Google Maps for location data, for music playlists and YouTube for video viewing. 

YouTube, LastFM, GoogleMaps, AmazonProductAdvertising 

Builds a mosaic of Flickr images based on Twitter tweets. 

Twitter, Flickr 
Flock O' Tweets

Split your tweets into groups for your RSS reader, such as Friends or Celebrities. 

Twitter is a Twitter service that can provide you with very detailed information about a specific Twitter user very quickly.  

Twitter, GoogleMaps 
Food on Twitter

Breakfasts, lunches and dinners from Twitter. 

Twitter, TwitPic 
Friendfeed on Flex

A mini-project to show what can be done using Flex and Friendfeed API in a day. 

FriendFeed Stats

Tracks the FriendFeed public feed to show statistics about FriendFeed. Shows data in a variety of formats in hours, days, months, or services, and allows you to drill down to a specific user or service. 


FriendLynx enables you to find your Facebook friends on Twitter and follow them in a couple of clicks. You can also create Twitter lists with your Facebook friends and follow then through these lists. Also installing this application will help your Facebook friends to find you on Twitter.  

Twitter, GoogleAJAXLibraries, Facebook, AmazonEC2 
Furthere, Your Twitter Driven Weblog

Furthere takes your Tweets and turns them into a smooth, comprehensive Weblog. So just tweet as you always tweet and enrich and elaborate your Tweets from time to time or aggregate them together with those of your friends. Combines over 10 APIs. 

YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, TwitPic, TweetPhoto, SlideShare, Scribd, LongURL, ImageShack, GoogleTranslate, Flickr 

A unique Twitter Game of Brazilian Football Championship.  

Twitter and Twitter

Send tweets from your address bar without logging in to anything first and nothing to install. 

TwitterCounter, Twitter is a community-based social video sharing website that specializes in allowing people to collect and share videos with their friends. Like Twitter for video. 

YahooVideo, Vimeo, Videodetective, Viddler, Ustream.TV, Twitter, Seesmic, Revver, OpenSocial, OoyalaVideoPlayer, Ning, MTV, LiveVideo, Kyte, Joost, GrouperVideo, FriendFeed, Facebook, Digg, Buzznet,, Blinkx, BBC, AOLVideoUpload, AOLVideo 

GdRd is a Twitter bot that fetches a book's rating on Just mention/@reply @GdRd with the ISBN number of a book and GdRd will reply with the book's rating. 

Twitter, Goodreads, 


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