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200 Towns

Perspecives of British landscape: images and text from cities and towns around Britain. 

Twitter, GoogleMaps 
2012twit is a Twitter dashboard for the 2012 presidential election. The site uses the Twitter API to collect tweets by President Obama, 32 other potential GOP candidates and all other tweets that mention them. 

25 Best Companies to Work For

Map of the 100 best US companies to work for as rated by Fortune Magazine 

3D Geology Maps

This site combines geologic information with Virtual Earth 3D maps to create a colorful and informative view of the topography of several western states. 

50 Shops allows buyers to tap into the wisdom of crowds to help with their buying decisions. Site users can see which products their friends are buying or browsing and ask other users for feedback.  

YouTube, Facebook, AmazonSimpleDB, AmazonMarketplaceWebService, AmazonProductAdvertising, A9 
ACT Scores by US State

Google Mapping ACT Scores by state in math, reading, science, and English categories.  

Again But Slower

View Wikipedia articles side-by-side with their "Simple English" counterparts. 

Age Directory

Age Directory uses Yahoo BOSS to figure out the accurate age of your favorite celebrity. 

YahooBOSS, GoogleAppEngine 

AgencyIQ helps insurance agencies connect with their leads through lead management and email marketing. 

AgentRank for WordPress

A WordPress Plugin that conveniently displays an agent's AgentRank data- profile, sales, reviews, forecasts, etc., from RealtyBaron. 

All of world national anthems mashup service

This application allows users listen to the national anthems of countries located all around the world.  

YouTube, GoogleMaps, Facebook 
Are My Sites Up? White Label

Are My Sites Up? White Label offers web development agencies, web hosts and other organizations who sell website related services another source of income by offering a fully brandable white label website monitoring web and iPhone application. 

TwilioSMS, Twilio 
Ask For Cents

If you have either questions or answers, use this Mechanical Turk application to get matched. Earn up to three cents per answer. 

ASK KEN™ - Visual Knowledge Browser

ASK KEN™ is sort of a Node-Link diagram that allows to visually navigate through interconnected topics provided by the Freebase service. It takes advantage of the latest HTML5 features by using the canvas element for drawing the graph dynamically. 

Ask Vox

Ask Vox is a community question and answer website, where users teach Vox, the website character, to answer questions with voice. 


AskJot is a tool for analyzing web pages for keywords. Use its page analysis to find keyword links to custom search results pages that search multiple services at once for that keyword. 

Zemanta, Wikipedia, Twitter, Thumbalizr, NewYorkTimesArticleSearch, GoogleAnalytics, Flickr, EBay, DBpedia, Calais, Bing, AddThisSharingEndpoints 
Atlas News

An Atlas using Google maps. Upon querying a country, the map locates the country, it provides a list of useful links to learn about the country in question, and a aggregation of news from major RSS providers, filtered by country in Yahoo pipes. 

GoogleMaps, GoogleAjaxFeeds, BBC 

A site to get any information about automobiles such as images, video, questions and answers. 

YouTube, YahooBOSS, YahooAnswers, AmazonEC2 
AVI Geeks

Utility for finding the best price between the two biggest online vendors: eBay and Amazon. AVI Geeks allows you to easily compare prices between their listings of electronics. Products are supplied from multiple vendors so buyer beware. 

EBay, AmazonMarketplaceWebService 
Baby Name Meanings

Looking for baby names? Find the perfect name for your baby in this list of baby names and discover the origin, variants and meaning of baby names. 



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