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Scrobbler Ruby for

Scrobbler is a Ruby wrapper for the Audioscrobbler web services, now part of  

Shopify Ruby on Rails Client

Officially supported Ruby on Rails client app with generator. 


shuffler_fm wraps's REST api on a thin layer of ruby 

StatsMix Ruby Gem

Ruby gem for the StatsMix API. 

Stripes and Surrealism: Playing with the Moo API

Overview and links to code using the Moo API using Ruby . 

Stupeflix API GitHub Repository

GitHub repository for the Stupeflix API.  

Thmbnl Developer Wiki / FrontPage

Thmbnl developer resources. 

Twilio Appointment Reminder Demo

In this Twilio demo, you'll use Ruby on Rails to build a simple appointment reminder application. It makes an outgoing call to a customer, and reads them a reminder script, and allows them to interact with the call to get directions or more informat 

Twitter By Phone Code Walkthrough

Tutorial to connect Twitter and Tropo APIs using Ruby. 

Twitter, Tropo 
Twitter4R - Ruby Twitter Binding

Twitter4R v0.2.0 now provides 100% Twitter REST API coverage for Ruby. This is the open source project providing Ruby bindings for the Twitter REST API. Most appropriate for pure Ruby and Ruby on Rails projects. 

TwitterLand Ruby Gem

All the best Twitter-related APIs in one gem 

Twittery - Ruby Wrapper to Twitter

Twittery is a lightweight Ruby class that interfaces with Twitter's API to make interacting with Twitter simple as possible. 

Using Ruby on Rails and the Lulu Publication API

A simple to follow tutorial for integrating into the Lulu Publication API with Ruby on Rails 

Using Ruby on Rails for Facebook

Detailed tutorial on using Ruby on Rails for creating Facebook applications. 

Using Ruby with Yahoo Address Book API

In the following tutorial we will show in an easy step-by-step format how to use the Yahoo Address Book API with Ruby on Rails. You can download all the code examples in the article so you do not have to type them in. 

Using Speech Input Instead of Touch-Tone

How to use speech input instead of touch-tone input. 

Using the Digg API with Ruby

This tutorial will get you started fast using the Digg API in your Ruby on Rails (RoR) application. I am assuming you already have setup your RoR application. 

Writing a Simple Web Service with Merb

Example of using Merb to create an email application using the MailChimp API. By Mandarin Soda. 

Yahoo Weather Ruby API

An OO Ruby interface to retrieve the latest weather information from the Yahoo Weather service. 

Yelp for Ruby

Ruby gem that wraps the Yelp API. 



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