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ActionScript Library for Amazon S3

An AS3 library for accessing Amazon's S3 service. 

Amazon FPS library for Bungee Connect

Wrapper of the Amazon Flexible Payment System library for Bungee Connect developer tools. This post describes the wrapper and it is available to users of Bungee. 

Amazon Web Services Code Samples

Full code samples from Amazon's site. Languages include Java, Perl, ASP.NET in C# and VB. 

Book Burro

Firefox extension for comparing book prices. 

Build a .NET App for Google Checkout

Good overview of Google Checkout API along with a very complete .NET application. By Martin Omander, a member of the Google Checkout team, at the O'Reilly WindowsDevCenter. 

CNET API Developer's Guide

An overview of the CNET API and its general structure. 

CNET API Quick Start Guide

A guide to quickly get up and running with the CNET API. 

CNET API Resource Guide

A detailed guide listing the CNET API's REST entry points. The request and response structure for each REST resource is documented. 

Consuming Amazon's Web API Directly with Javascript

Shows how to use the Amazon free XSLT transformation service, the JSON output format, and a bit of plain old javascript to show you how to place live data on any web page. 

Create an Amazon storefront using PHP

Two part tutorial on Amazon ECS and PHP by Tyler Anderson at IBM Developerworks. Registration required. 

Diner Connection

Diner Connection is here to revolutionize the way you communicate with your patrons by utilizing text messaging to notify customers of ready tables and daily specials. The conversation continues after the dining experience, with the restaurant having the ability to market to their customers via text messaging as well. This not only benefits the restaurant, but the businesses around them. Letting customers shop, enjoy a park, or just stay in the car with a sleeping child makes for happier customers. We have integrated with StatsMix to give our administration piece a dashboard of statistics about DinerConnection. We are tracking general social media mentions, and also detailed information about how many people have been added to waiting lists, how and many SMS messages are incoming/outgoing. It gives us a great aggregation tool to see the growth and trends of our customers usage. 

eBay Flash Developer Center

Use the Flash or Flex with any of the eBay APIs to interact with eBay.  

eBay Flex ClientAlerts api

A Flex library for eBay development to allow you to cut development time and simplify tasks like error handling. 

eBay Java Developer Center

Use Java or JSP with the eBay API. 

eBay PHP, Perl, Python Developer Center

Use PHP, Perl, or Python with any of the eBay APIs to interact with eBay servers. 

eBay Windows Developer Center

Use .NET, C#, ASP, VB, etc. with any of the eBay APIs to interact with eBay.  


eBay4R is a Ruby wrapper for eBay's Web Services SOAP API. Has ease of use and small footprint. Instead of 40-50 line examples eBay gives you in C# and Java, with Ruby and eBay4R, examples are 5 lines or less. 

Etsy Version 2 library

EtsyV2NET, EtsyV2NetSL & EtsyV2CACHE are Microsoft .Net Framework Class Libraries that wraps the Etsy RESTful v2 API. EtsyV2NetSL is for use with Silverlight. The Libraries are fully OAuth v1.0a compliant (no 3rd party library required). Support for Public/Private Create/Read/Update/Delete/Upload API methods with Synchronous & Asynchronous calling. All Etsy V2 APIs are supported. 

Explore Amazon Web Services with AJAX

Very informative five part series from Ajax Magazine on using Amazon E-Commerce services. PHP examples. 

Goodsie Knowledge Base

Search our knowledge base, browse discussions, or create a new discussion to share ideas, showcase your store, get help with an issue and more. Click the login button at the top of the page to sign in. 



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