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Video Tutorial ASP.NET Mashups

See how to create a mashup application that uses ASP.NET AJAX bri... 

Flickr, AmazonProductAdvertising
Rating: 3.3 
Visits: 954 
Explore Amazon Web Services with AJAX

Very informative five part series from Ajax Magazine on using Ama... 

Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 560 
Use Amazon Web Services in ASP.NET

Tutorial demonstrating VB ASP.NET programming for Amazon's s... 

Rating: + 
Visits: 554 
Create an Amazon storefront using PHP

Two part tutorial on Amazon ECS and PHP by Tyler Anderson at IBM ... 

Rating: + 
Visits: 523 
Using PHP with the Amazon eCommerce API

How to formulate rest queries to use the amazon eCommerce api. A ... 

Rating: + 
Visits: 518 
eBay PHP, Perl, Python Developer Center

Use PHP, Perl, or Python with any of the eBay APIs to interact wi... 

Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 439 API Technical Documentation

Here you will find technical documents that help you integrate th...
Rating: 4.1 
Visits: 350 
Java Library for Amazon eCommerce

A Java library for Amazon Associates Web Service. 

Rating: + 
Visits: 273 
eBay Windows Developer Center

Use .NET, C#, ASP, VB, etc. with any of the eBay APIs to interact... 

Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 268 
Amazon Web Services Code Samples

Full code samples from Amazon's site. Languages include Java... 

Rating: 4.2 
Visits: 229 
Python Interface for Amazon Web Services

From the site: An integrated interface to current and future infr... 

AmazonSimpleDB, AmazonS3, AmazonQueue, MechanicalTurk, AmazonEC2
Rating: 3.5 
Visits: 227 
Book Burro

Firefox extension for comparing book prices. 

Rating: + 
Visits: 212 
ActionScript Library for Amazon S3

An AS3 library for accessing Amazon's S3 service. 

Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 174 
Java Library for Amazon Web Services

This is a simple API to access Amazon's SQS, EC2, SimpleDB a... 

AmazonSimpleDB, AmazonQueue, AmazonEC2
Rating: + 
Visits: 159 
Python Wrapper for Amazon eCommerce API

From the site:PyAWS is a Python wrapper for Amazon eCommerce. It ... 

Rating: + 
Visits: 147 
Javascript Developer Center for eBay APIs

Use JavaScript, JSON, or AJAX with any of the APIs below to inter... 

Rating: 3.0 
Visits: 141 
Build a .NET App for Google Checkout

Good overview of Google Checkout API along with a very complete .... 

Rating: + 
Visits: 132 
CNET API Quick Start Guide

A guide to quickly get up and running with the CNET API. 

Rating: 4.0 
Visits: 128 
VB.Net Library for Amazon eCommerce

VB.Net Library for Amazon Associates Web Service 

Rating: + 
Visits: 127 
CNET API Developer's Guide

An overview of the CNET API and its general structure. 

Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 116 


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