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Filmaster API

Python code of the Filmaster open movie recommendations API. 

Filmaster API sample code

Sample code of a Filmaster API client. The app fetches all your Filmaster friends (people you follow). Choose any of your friends and it computes the films that you should watch together. 

Fring Hello World

Build your own mobile application, by following the "Hello World" code sample. See how by few lined of code (.NET or PHP) you can build a simple mobile application which runs on several platforms.  

Getting Started With the FriendFeed API and PHP

Short overview and example of using PHP with the FriendFeed API. 

Gluestick PHP Wrapper for Glue

Gluestick is a simple object-oriented implementation of the Glue API for PHP. It takes advantage of PHP's magic methods to make a more intuitive interface for developers: rather than learning a new set of methods, you just use Glue's native meth 

Google Friend Connect for Drupal

Drupal plugin integrates Google Friend Connect and the native Drupal authentication mechanisms. Lets any site visitor access the different secured sections of the site just like a native registered user, by using the single-click Friend Connect button. 

HTML Wrapper for Twitter API

Twitter2HTML: an html wrapper around the twitter api 

Java FriendFeed Wrapper

A Java wrapper around the FriendFeed API. Download the file to obtain it. 

Java Library for Facebook

A Facebook API client implemented in Java, derived from the poorly-maintained official Facebook client. Note: as of May 2008, Facebook has discontinued any support of their official Java client. 

Java REST client that supports OAuth

This tutorial describes how to create a simple Zipster API client that supports OAuth using Java programming language. 

Java Wrapper for Friendster API

A lightweight Friendster API client implemented in Java 

java-twitter - Google Code

This library provides a pure Java interface for the Twitter API. Twitter exposes a web services API ( and this library is intended to make it even easier for java programmers to use.  

Javabook: Java Library for Facebook

Facebook provides a Java-based API, but this library provides additional functionality and benefits. See site for more. 

JGE Automatic Content Generator

JGE Automatic Content Generator is a PHP script that will automatically add relevant content to existing web pages. Uses Calais to perform semantic analysis of an existing page's content to find essential keywords and then pull content relevant to these keywords from Freebase. 

Freebase, Calais 
LinkedIn API PHP Class Part 1: Getting Started Tutorial

This is a basic getting started tutorial for PHP (in Dutch, but soon to be translated). The PHP Class documentation is in English. 

LinkedIn Ruby Gem

Ruby wrapper for the new LinkedIn OAuth API 


MashMe is a Music Hack Day NYC app - it generates a mashup based on predicted user taste. Twilio is used as an option to send the generated mashup to someone's phone.  

MindBody API Tutorial

Justin Martin's experiences using the Mindbody API 

Minifb: Python library for Facebook

A minimal API for writing web applications with Facebook in Python. The two functions provided are all that should be needed to generate and validate information in Facebook. 

MKAbeFook: Cocoa library for Facebook

MKAbeFook for Facebook. Uses the WebKit browser with asynchronous requests, photo uploads, and much more. It can call any API method and returns the result in standard Cocoa types. It is distributed under a BSD style license.  



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