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1000 songs

Matches up The Guardian's "1000 songs to hear before you die" with Last.FM listener stats, and displays lyrics for each song from 

LyricWiki, LastFM, Guardian 
ChizMax Lyrics and Video Search Engine

This is combination of Lyrics search and video. When song is found on the lyrics database, it fetches the video from YouTube. 


Find and compare cover versions of songs on Spotify, and compare Last.FM playcounts 

SpotifyMetadata, LastFM 
Latest in Music

Music videos of current chart busters. Scrapes various top-10 lists for popular songs and searches for their videos on Youtube. One can also subscribe to the RSS feeds to stay in touch with the latest music videos.  

MTV Music Videos

Music videos from thousands of MTV artists. Structured with custom UI and search. 


A music mashup of Lastfm, Musicbrainz, Lyricsfly, Youtube and Google Maps.  

YouTube, MusicBrainz, LastFM, GoogleMaps 
One Page Artist

One stop shop to view media and know everything about any music artist on one page. Combines YouTube,, Google Maps and Amazon shopping APIs. 

YouTube, LastFM, GoogleMaps, AmazonProductAdvertising 
ShownToME Music

Web based music player, similar to iTunes or Winamp. No need to download anything. Songs live from Youtube and Soundcloud.  

YouTube, SoundCloud, GoogleOpenID, GoogleAppEngine 
SongZilla - The Online Music Repository

SongZilla is an ultra-simple way of finding, playing and downloading music and lyrics right from your browser without any fuss or registration. 


A site that wants to compete with online social radios that are all the rage. A sort of Twitter jukebox that mashes the Twitter API with to let you play songs after having tweeted. 

Twitter, Playme, GoogleMaps 


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