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Travel search mashup portal that lets users track all the information about their favorite places. Also uses World66 open guide book and CIA Factbook maps. More on the way.  

Yahoo, WorldTimeEngine, Wikipedia, WeatherChannel, Upcoming, Kayak, Google, GoogleMaps, GeoNames, Flickr, Facebook, Yelp, YouTube 
Radar Map

Mashup of US National Weather Service data and Google Maps. 


View weather information in Scandinavia. Uses the Norway Weather API. 

NorwayWeather Travel Search

Travel search engine, with last minute offers, and travel destination information in Danish. 

Wikipedia, WeatherBug, Panoramio, GoogleMaps, GeoNames 

The kitchen sink. Internet search, weather, movies, sms, rss, airfare search, image aearch, meebo, amazon search, stocks data, etc. 

Second Life Weather

This gadget grabs the Yahoo weather feed for any US zip code or international country code, and updates an object to display the current weather in Second Life. 

YahooTravel, SecondLife 
Singapore Web Cams and Weather

Google Maps mashup of traffic cams and a rain map for Singapore. 

Ski Bonk

View real-time ski conditions for ski resorts all over the world on Google Map along with webcams, resort information, trail maps and weather forecasts. Snowcast feature predicts which resorts will have the best snowfall in next 24 hours. 

YahooLocal, YahooGeocode, NOAANationalWeatherServiceNWS, hostip, GoogleMaps, GoogleAdWords, Flickr 
Small Yahoo Maps in Flex

Demonstrates the workaround provided by Yahoo for using Maps in Flex 2. Uses some sample code as base and adds some simple features like plotting geoRSS, regular RSS, and traffic and weather by zip code. 


Weather mashup with tagging, forecasting, and commenting, plus personalization and weather tracking. RSS enabled. Registration via OpenId or Facebook Connect. 

GoogleMaps, Facebook 
Spot a Hotel

Search and booking of about 100,000 hotels worldwide. Hotels are retrieved and combined through 7 independent hotel providers. XML services provided by Flickr, Panoramio, YouTube, WeatherBug, Google and more. A fast and modern hotel booking application. 

YouTube, YahooGeocode, Wikipedia, WeatherBug, Panoramio, GoogleTranslate, GoogleMaps, Flickr 
SvD weather

Weather forecasts for the whole world. Swedish site. 

NorwayWeather, GoogleMaps, GeoNames 
TEST2 - Vishal Mashup 2

This is only for testing purposes Added this note at 4:17 my time. ws 

Superbreak, 21FortyMedicalDistrictSlideShowD 
The Outdoor Map

Find an outdoor place on the map, and link to other outdoor mashups for the place, weather, photos, trip guides, etc. Get coordinates, elevation, state, and country for a place name. 

GoogleMaps Tourist Guide

Global multilingual tourist guide. On-line photos, maps, videos, information. Open project for travel using APIs from YouTube, Weather Channel, Google Maps, Yahoo Maps and others. With OpenID support. 

YouTube, YahooMaps, WeatherChannel, Panoramio, GoogleMaps, GeoNames 
Trip Organizer

A 360 degree view of a location while organizing a vacation or business trip. Uses 8 different APIs. 

YahooMaps, WeatherBug, Kayak, hostip, GoogleMaps, GeoNames, FUTEFWikipedia, Flickr 

Travel search portal like iGoogle. Find flights, hotels, weather, maps, photos, videos, news and more. Now moved to 

YouTube, Wikipedia, WeatherChannel, Upcoming, Kayak, GoogleMaps, GeoNames, Flickr 

Tripmondo is a travel information browser for trip destinations across the globe. It features videos, photos, guides and attractions, weather information and events for nearly all countries and many cities world wide. Tripmondo is based on CMSmadesimple. 

YouTube, Wikipedia, WeatherChannel, Twitter, Panoramio, GoogleMapsData, GoogleMaps, GeoNames, Eventful, CurrenciesExchangeRates 
Tropical Storm Update

Get hurricane and tropical storm updates as RSS feeds. Uses NOAA data and Yahoo search for storm-specific news. Built with Yahoo Pipes. 

Yahoo, YahooMaps 
UK Local Knowledge

Good UK mashup displaying data from BBC travel news, BBC London traffic cams, local weather, geotagged Flickr photos and UK Gatso speed camera. By Dom Ramsey. 

GoogleMaps, Flickr 


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