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Write For ProgrammableWeb

ProgrammableWeb is looking for writers to join our team. As the the world's leading source of news and information about Internet and browser-based application programming interfaces (APIs), is known as the Web's defacto journal of the API economy.


If you are a freelance writer with a passion for sharing stories about APIs and how they are driving value for businesses and benefitting consumers, ProgrammableWeb is the platform for you and we will compensate you for your work. Keep in mind that before you can join the ProgrammableWeb team, a signed contract must be in place.


We are currently looking for writers who can quickly turn around stories while providing day to day news coverage on all things API related. If that sounds like you, drop us a line at We also have needs in other areas. What are all the different kinds of stories can you write? Glad you asked, below are some of our most common article types to give you a sense of what we are looking for.


News Brief

This is a standard piece covering API related news. Briefs are usually around 350 words in length and should provide enough information to give our audience an overview of the news item. A brief is original reporting that doesn't rely on offsite coverage.


Reported News

This goes beyond the standard brief; you'll be expected to reach out to the stakeholders for quotes. Beyond that though, a news story will need sufficient narrative to place this news in a larger context. Stories of this type will run a minimum of 600 words.



This can and often will contain your opinion. It should cause the audience to look at an issue in a new way or shed light on an aspect that hasn't been discussed much to this point. There is no specific word count, but given the nature of these pieces they tend to run around 1,000 words.


Developer or API Provider How-To

Here you get to show off your developer or API provider chops as you guide your reader through a step-by-step tutorial. These should be prescriptive in nature and include screenshots as well as snippets of source code throughout.


Elsewhere On the Web (EoW)

As much as we’d like to, we can’t cover everything. EoW’s allow us to spotlight and give context to the great work of others while providing our audience a brief summary of their coverage.


Off-SIte How-To

Much like EoW’s, these provide a summary of excellent tutorials written elsewhere while putting it in a context that our audience can appreciate.


If you’ve made it this far then we definitely want to talk to you. Reach out to us at We’d love to hear from you!

Contribute Articles, Tutorials, Press Releases and Tips to ProgrammableWeb

Many of the articles found on ProgrammableWeb are authored by stakeholders in the API economy many of whom are members of the ProgrammableWeb community in some way. If you are such a stakeholder, please take a look below for ways that you can contribute (or read a much more comprehensive set of guidelines for contributed content) and send us a note at You do not have to be under contract to contribute articles of the following type:


Contributed Articles

This is where someone from your company, based on their experience and expertise, writes a thought-provoking analysis that doesn't promote your company's agenda, products, or services. It may not mention your company or products/services by name (with the exception of where it is mentioned in the author's bio). Another requirement is that the article is not posted on other Web sites including your company's own blog. These articles will disclose that they are contributed content and do not represent the opinions or reporting of the PW editorial team.


Sponsored Articles

ProgrammableWeb offers Sponsored Articles to enable the distribution of a focused, branded marketing message to our entire readership. This provides you with the ability to communicate the unique benefits of your solution directly with our audience. Sponsored content is published on ProgrammableWeb the same way our own articles and benefit from exposure via daily newsletter and our growing communities across various social networks. These articles disclose that they are part of a sponsored content program and do not represent the opinions or reporting of the PW editorial team.


Instructional Articles

These would be non-promotional how-to tutorials. They have to be matter of fact and should not hyperbolize the offering. As as example if the headline was

How To Set Up an Automated API Security Test With Product X


The text cannot say "Product X is the leading security testing tool..". Instead is should read more like "Product X can be used to automate a security test of your API. This article shows you a step by step on how to do that"


Press Releases

Your company will be able to send its press releases to us for publication on ProgrammableWeb. There will be no charge for this and there will be clear disclosures on the press releases as to the nature of the content, how they are company-provided press releases, and how ProgrammableWeb cannot vouch for the accuracy of the information being provided. This is a new program that we are going to monitor closely. If we get overwhelmed or feel as though the privilege is getting abused by some companies, we will place restrictions on the program (for example, the number of press releases allowed per month for free).



If you have the scoop on upcoming API or Web development news, shoot us a note and we’ll be sure to look into it!